Xperience IPC

An Open Invitation

Xperience IPC

Xperience IPC is a familiarization program

that sheds light on to the vast advantages and benefits of this globally accepted

Training & Certification program – professionally and personally.

 We plan to conduct ‘Xperience IPC’ program every month during the first quarter of 2015.

The dates will be announced soon.

 Priority will be given to those REGISTER their names early.

Advantage IPC

• Demonstrate to current and potential customers that the company considers rigorous quality control practices very important.

• Industry developed & approved and hence accepted world-wide.

• Industry traceable certification to assure understanding of criteria in the industry’s most popular documents.

• Gain valuable industry recognition for the company and individual.

Neuro Technology  conducts Classroom Training and Certification on IPC Standards.  These  industry-developed  and  approved  programs  use  the  two-tier  “train the trainer”  approach  for standardized  classroom  training  to  assure  understanding  of  criteria  in  the  industry’s  most  popular  documents.

How To See The Big Picture - Xperience IPC

This program is offered four times a month