ThinkBuzan Programs

Creativity & Applied Innovation

Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any Individual or Organization

This interactive one day workshop is designed to help participants develop an awareness of their thinking, an appreciation of the nature of creative thinking to support innovation, and how to apply a strategy for thinking using the concepts, methods and techniques outlined in GRASP The Solution (GTS) by Chris Griffiths.

MindMapping & iMindMap

Master the infinitely versatile creative thinking tool – MindMapping

This course is formulated to enhance creativity, brainstorming, strategic thinking & creative writing through mindmap tools. Learn to apply mindmaps for maximum creativity, productivity and efficiency!

Speed Reading Skills

Double your reading speed, greatly improve your comprehension, recall and efficiently process vast amounts of information.

The ThinkBuzan certified Speed Reading training course opens doors to a new way of life. By integrating information efficiently, you can reach fact-based decisions quickly and effectively. Take away new transferable skills, a certified qualification as a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor in Speed Reading, and the option to start a new career as a certified trainer.

Memory Skills

Learn Memory techniques proven to increase your memory capacity, boost concentration and improve your communication. Embrace the Major Memory System to capture as much information as possible, create key associations to remember even the smallest of detail and become ‘brain-fit’. Use synergetic thinking to unleash your brain’s creative power and overcome any mental barriers which may be holding you back. Learn how whole brain thinking can enhance your ability to imagine, associate and continually improve your cognitive function and memory.