Electrostatic Discharge

STATIC CONTROL IS NOT AN OPTION - It is a Fundamental Requirement!

Did you know? You can damage a circuit without EVEN KNOWING it!

“I tested 110 products in 2008/09 for Celestica. Of the 110 only 28% of the products met industry standards from the ESDA or IEC while 72% did not. The items tested consisted of packaging (various), garments, work surfaces, gloves and tape products, and came from sources in Europe, Asia and North America.”

- Ron Gibson, President at Advanced Static Control Consulting (former Sr. ESD Consultant at Celestica, who performed product qualification testing on ESD control products for Celestica worldwide)

Wolfgang Warmbier GmbH & Co, Germany

The unparalleled experts in ESD with a facility of 23,000 m2 in Germany, are pioneers in producing quality and complaint free ESD control products . We are privileged to be their sole representative of WARMBIER in promoting their HIGH QUALITY products in the region.

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