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State of the art optical inspection systems combined with intelligent user-friendly software for high-resolution visual inspection, quality control, digital image recording, non-contact dimensional measurements, and documentation.

HD Camera Inspection System


Professional High Definition inspection camera microscope with 30x optical zoom, autofocus, large working distance and laser pointer for reliable, ergonomic and fast Visual Inspection work.

The W30x-HD provides relief to the user’s eyes, neck and shoulders. The unique Freesight design, provides 500 mm extended working distance and free sight to the monitor. While most ocular microscopy systems offer excellent imaging, the W30x HD takes optical inspection to new dimensions and allows operators to sit comfortably in a good working position and carry out their tasks efficiently. By sitting more comfortably and watching the monitor, the inspection task is no longer tiresome.

Connect Optilia HD camera to a Full High Definition monitor and take advantage of the astonishing image resolution, high contrast and true colours in your optical inspection work.

For more information, visit: http://www.optiliaindustrial.eu/products/product/31/324

Included items:

  • Full HD Camera, 1080P with 30x zoom, laser pointer, 245mm maximum WD +2 macro lens
  • Camera Control Unit with Joystick
  • White LED Ring-Light set with Segment Control
  • Focusing Stand for W30x-HD
  • 24” HD LED monitor Power Supply 5/12V, 30W
  • User’s Manual

For more information, visit: http://www.optiliaindustrial.eu/products/product/31/324

BGA Inspection System

Modular Optical System

Flexia BGA Inspection Systems are modular and configurable. Standard BGA system contains Flexia Definition 5.0 MP camera microscope with software, side viewing BGA lens with small size optical probe, built-in front and background LED illumination with electronic dimmer, 1-100x varifical top inspection lens and specially designed focusing stand.

Optical Inspection & X-ray

Flexia BGA can be used as a cost effective alternative to, or in combination with conventional x-ray inspection systems. Unlike traditional x-ray systems, however, Flexia BGA allows the operator to confirm solder ball shape, bridging, excess flux, micro cracking, surface defects, abnormalities, cleanliness and other soldering defects on BGA components.


Flexia video and digital microscopes are designed to comply with the requirements of electronics manufacturer regarding flexibility, image quality, time and cost effectiveness. Flexia is ESD-protected and EPA approved according to EN and IEC standards.

For more information, visit: http://www.optiliaindustrial.eu/products/product/46/28

Included items:

  • Flexia Definition 5MP Digital HM, with 100x lens, ESD-protected
  • Side Viewing BGA lens with Ultra Small Size 90° optical probe
  • Small Size 90° Optical probe for BGA lens
  • BGA Micro Prism Background Illumination with electronic dimmer, Attachable
  • Brush Light, White LED with Dimmer and 2xAA battery tube and DC-adapter
  • Stand for Brush Light
  • 1-100x varifocal lens with built-in LED ringlight
  • RingLight White LED for 100x Objective
  • Optipix Full with Data Base, including Calibration micrometer scale for BGA
  • Focusing Stand, Coarse/fine movement, ESD-protected
  • Precision XY-Translation Board, 25x25mm travel, incl. 2x Quick feed micrometer screws. ESD-Protected.
  • Installation CD, User’s manual and other documents
  • Annual service and support for Optipix (1 year)
  • Aluminum Transport Case, 380x295x80 with Foam inlet (one level)

For more information, visit: http://www.optiliaindustrial.eu/products/product/46/28