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Desoldering Units

HAKKO FR410 Desoldering Station

Hakko FR410 Desoldering Unit
  • Desoldering tool with built-in vacuum pump
  • 140 W high power enables perfect desoldering on multi-layer PWB
  • New type nozzle can fit onto micro land patterns and narrow space
  • Separate nozzle and heater ensure running cost advantage for you

New Product

HAKKO FR300 Desoldering Tool

Hakko FR300 Desoldering Tool
  • Well balance design
  • Excellent heat recovery for lead free application
  • Single touch nozzle replacement

Most Popular

HAKKO FM204 Desoldering Station

HAKKO FM204 Desoldering Tool
  • Vacuum pump type desoldering tool with excellent thermal recovery
  • Digital display ensures easy and reliable temperature control
  • Sleep function that works with iron holder curbs the oxidation of nozzles

HAKKO FR400 Desoldering Tool

HAKKO FR400 Desoldering Station | Neuro Technology Middle East Fze
  • Heavy-duty Desoldering Tool with built-in vacuum pump
  • Quick and secure desoldering even on high heat capacity and high heat dissipation PWB with super power
  • Secure desoldering with valve function
  • Solder clogging was reduced featuring Anti Clogging Function

HAKKO FM2024 Desoldering Tool

Hakko FM2024 Desoldering Tool
  • Integrated desoldering unit equipped with nozzle with built-in heater provides excellent thermal recovery
  • Nozzle can be replaced with simple one-touch operation
  • Used together with an FM Series station

HAKKO SPPON Desoldering Tool

Hakko SPPON Desoldering Tool
  • Light-weight, economical, simplified desoldering tool with high suction power
  • Cleaning shaft that allows the cleaning of nozzle after each use is employed
  • Nozzles can be replaced with simple operation