ESD Audit

ESD Assesement & Pre - Audit for Facility Certification

Neuro Technology is instrumental in helping many major organizations in the region to secure ESD AUDIT Certification as per the prevailing global standards and thereby securing prestigious contracts and recognition.


COMPLIANCE VERIFICATION AUDITING is the only method to make sure that your Static Control Program is working effectively and the employees are following it as required.

Unfortunately ‘visual audit’ alone, as performed by many companies, is not capable of identifying the majority of the ESD problems.

Walking Test (Voltage Measurement – Floor Materials and Footwear in Combination with a Person) – is a REQUIREMENT for ANSI/ESD 20.20 – 2014 STANDARD now!

Popular belief: Many technicians consider floors and footwear independently.

Floors and Footwear must be considered together as a system.

A good floor will not compensate or support a bad footwear, nor will good footwear will support or compensate a bad floor.

An ESD audit is an essential part of a good ESD control program. This checks all ESD control practices and products, provides a constant reminder to personnel of their responsibilities, and gives management the necessary feedback for any corrective action.

An audit is based on an ESD control program plan that has been defined, approved by management, and implemented at all operating levels. Generally such a program is based on some industry-generated standards. courtesy: EE- Evaluation engineering